ACASADILILI is an atelier for the restyling of furniture and home complements. The firm proposes unique and unrepeatable pieces, revisiting and finding new functions for "old things" secluded in a forgotten part of the house or abandoned in a damp.

With either small interventions or radical changes, both furniture and home complements - coming from various countries and various periods - spring back to life and regain value.

ACASADIDILI is a place with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a forever moving and full of imagination world; here the components are chosen with care and attention to details, individually thought and proposed with sophisticated solutions.

Everything is hand made with the proper technique, selecting the quality of the prime materials (non toxic paints, valuable woods, antique crystals and porcelains, precious metals).

The atelier has a selection of fabrics, wallpapers, curtains, lamps and lampshades and a vast choice of unfinished furniture and home complements.

ACASADIDILI also offers an interior design service for residential places, offices and shops in which the proposals are inspired both by the philosophy of the atelier and the desires of the customers. The latter can see re-used some of their old furniture and objects to integrate them in a new arrangement and atmosphere.